COVID-19: My Life in Self-Quarantine

This started out as a bit of fun on Facebook when I posted ‘Day 4′ to my personal profile.

While what we are facing is nothing to be taken lightly, for me, someone who lives a relatively isolated life by choice down on Salmon Beach in Tacoma, WA and work remotely, I saw the humor in the need to self-quarantine. I spend most of my time in the cabin enjoying a slower pace of life and my deck. Being forced to stay isolated in my cabin as a result of COVID-19 was a good thing (though knew I’d have challenges with homeschooling a 6-year old several days per week).

I was acutely aware, however, that these measures would be hard on most.

With too much negative being posted, I wanted something fun for my friends. That post was popular that I added ‘Day 5‘. With both clearly appreciated, I changed my privacy settings to public, then decided I’d have a little fun with the series.

As you are under self-quarantine, imposed lock-downs, or just maintaining social distancing, I hope this gives you a bit of a laugh. I will continue to add to post daily and you can follow posts on my Facebook Page or other social media profiles.