Greenland Paddles

Short (213cm) and Long (228cm) versions of the IPIK are expected 2024.


Shown in Bluefin above, the Kalleq is also available in White Matrix, Metallic Purple, Metallic Green, and Arctic Crimson (exclusively available only via Gearlab authorized retailers).



Shown in Red Satin above, the Akiak is also available in Blue Satin, Red Gloss, and Blue Gloss.


The gently sloped transition between the loom and blade draws on a classic Inuit design to ensure quick hand-positioning, increased leverage, and intuitive paddle control.

All new 3D carbon construction intertwines the full paddle with continuous strands of aero-grade carbon fiber resulting in superior strength and weight reduction.

The 1.1mm sharp blade slices the water efficiently, while Gearlab’s patented third-generation replaceable ProTek tips protect IPIK from damage.

Constructed with seamless carbon fiber to ensure the most comfortable, streamlined and durable paddling experience.

Meticulously engineered, the Kalleq edge measures 1.1 mm at its thinnest point. The smoothness of this edge guarantees complete comfort while the paddle slices the water with unparalleled efficiency.

Gearlab’s signature ProTek tip design means an easily replaceable tip provide confidence in rocky or shallow waters, and the option to customize a paddle with colored tips.

The world’s first Greenland style paddle with replaceable ProTek tips. The Akiak is the perfect entry level carbon fiber paddle for optimal balance between efficiency and comfort.

Greenland style paddle blades make contact with the water covering roughly the same surface area as Euro-blades, but the even distribution results in a smoother stroke and more control in the water.

Akiak tributes to the meaning of bravery in Inuit.

Length220 cm
Loom57 cm
Blade8.8 cm
Weight595 g
± 5 g
Length210 cm220 cm230 cm
Loom53 cm55 cm 57 cm
Blade8.8 cm8.8 cm8.8 cm
Weight670 g
± 30 g
700 g
± 30 g
730 g
± 30 g
Length210 cm220 cm230 cm
Loom49 cm51 cm 57 cm
Blade8.4 cm8.4 cm8.4 cm
Weight (Glossy)880 g
± 30 g
910 g
± 30 g
930 g
± 30 g
Weight (Satin)820 g
± 30 g
840 g
± 30 g

Demo or purchase a paddle

Please note that stock on hand is limited. I do carry demo paddles available to try and to determine the best length for you.

I also offer a Paddle with a Pro option which includes your paddle and a private Intro to Greenland paddling lesson.

If you have questions or are ready to order, contact me.