Greenland Paddle Accessories

The perfect tool to improve your rolls and learn new ones…it’s also a paddle float!


A seamless, waterproof solution to getting your gear to and from the water.


Paddle Clutch

Store any spare paddle on your deck without loosing hatch access.


Deck Pod 2

Carry everything you need on the water on deck and close to hand.


Deck Ray

An ultralight, compact deck bag for the essentials on your deck.


The Rolling Float is the ideal roll training device. It allows you to practice rolling with confidence, with less wet exits and more elegance.

The Rolling Float also doubles as a paddle float that fits both Greenland and Euro style paddles.

Made from TPU Laminated 400D Nylon Ripstop Waterproof Fabric, the Gear Wrap is the ultimate upgrade from our typical blue beach bag for hauling wet gear.

Experience a new way to quickly pack and carry your gear.

For a minimalist aesthetic and unobstructed paddling, the Paddle Clutch is designed to maintain a clutter-free deck while ensuring easy access to the front hatch.

Compatible for both Euro blade and Greenland paddles.

6L of accessible storage for your hydration pouch, snacks, safety gear, and more, the Deck Pod 2 features the Deckhand revolutionary fastening system fast and secure attachment for quick transport and deployment.

Available in Bluefin (shown), Lava, and black.

Deck Ray is an ultralight 1.5 L deck bag for carrying essentials needing direct access on your deck. The low profile design offers a new solution on kayak deck storage for unobstructed extreme paddling and rolling.

To purchase accessories:

There are additional accessories available from deck pods and paddle bags to repair and replacement parts. 

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