How Did This Happen?

A refusal to accept or believe
What facts clearly state.
Rather than admit error
Or consider compromise,
Better to fight than concede defeat.

A blind eye turned,
Single data points cited
In defense of views.
Truth seems not to matter
When conflicting with personal beliefs.

Now completely divided.
Me over us,
My rights first.
No care for the common good
If it costs the individual anything.

How did this happen?
When did it go so wrong?
Can it even be fixed?
Why is everything now right vs left
And no longer about right vs wrong?

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Waves: Robert Nissenbaum - sea kayaker, adventure seeker, writer
The view north off Salmon Beach. My happy place - and much of the inspiration or my poetryCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2019;
Sea kayaker & outdoor adventure seeker, Writer, Social media marketing speaker & consultantCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2019;
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