Inside the Hatches

Beyond documenting my adventures, I tackle aspects of sea kayaking from safety and instruction to gear and outfitting.

launching over the rear deck of a sea kayak in the pool demonstrating scramble self-rescue challenges.-resc2022, Robert Nissenbaum
Two Turning Point Boatworks Petrel Plays on the beach at Bowman Bay2022, Robert Nissenbaum
colorful sea kayaks on the beach to illustrate color and visibility2022, Robert Nissenbaum
Winter: Gig Harbor Dec 2 2022 after a light snow as viewed from the public boat launch2023, Robert Nissenbaum
Discussing a hatch cover replacement during a sea kayaking trip2021, Robert Nissenbaum
Small eddy and eddy line at the end of an ebb off Fort Flager, WA2021, Robert Nissenbaum