Lost in Possibilities

As I drift off to sleep,
My thoughts are on you.
A chance encounter,
An unlikely find,
Yet here we are.

Deepest desires,
They way we live,
What brings us joy,
Aligned so perfectly.
It seems unreal.

So at ease with you.
Completely comfortable,
Deeply connected
Absolutely attached
In so short a time.

Lost in possibilities.
All the places we’ll venture.
Glad I risked the hurt,
To take a chance
On something so wonderful.

The above image is the Snoqualmie River in Washington, taken an a cold walk up Middle Fork Road on January 4th, 2020 with Erika Vanvick. It was our first date…only of only a handful before the pandemic changed everything. She’s become more than just my partner in life. She’s my best friend. And a year later, I love her more than I could ever have imagined possible. Every day I am grateful we connected and I took the risk of more hurt.

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Bowman Bay, WA at sunrise looking toward Deception Island past flat water2021, Robert Nissenbaum
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Picture of the Snoqualmie River taken from Middle Fork Road,2021, Robert Nissenbaum
A pair of sea kayaks on the beach on a foggy misty morning in the north Puget SoundCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2020; rnissenbaum.com
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