No Regrets

I have sometimes sat and wondered
If the choices I had made were different,
Where would I be today?

The answer is always the same.
The decisions I have made
Lead me to where I am.

Each choice moved me along a path
And the direction my life would go.
A change at any point, would alter my present.

Through decisions and actions taken,
Whether I’d make or take them again,
I have been lead to where I am now.

So I cannot have regrets.
Only acceptance of the path walked
Because today, I am happy.

When I sit and wonder now, I know
What matters is not each choice I made.
It’s the sum of those actions and where they lead me.

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kayakers in the dark on a Biolume paddle Sept 2020 off Fox IslandCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2020;