Is your writing missing something?

  • Do your stories come up short for the ‘wow’ component?
  • Do those who consume your content get left longing for more?
  • Could your style be too dry?

Possibly your writing is nothing beyond some words strung together with little rhyme to it, with no logic your thoughts or flow to it?

Or you write well with work previously published, your intent now to fine tune your skills?

Whether to hone your writing skills or to help you write better content for your website, newsletters, or online efforts, this tool will prove helpful.

Write one piece of short content without using one specific letter.

It is not so simple.

Even with eons of writing experience, there were doubts. Could I put together coherent content without using one specific letter in the entire piece of work?

Yet, this piece shows it is possible. It was written entirely without using the letter ‘A’. I further opted to heighten the difficulty by choosing not to use shortened versions for common expressions or idioms).

I did find it to be tough. It took longer to write it. Sentences were reworked multiple times. Different words were sought out to use in lieu of ones I commonly relied on without thought. Once done, I still felt it possible to improve on it, so I did more editing.

When writing, we so often revert to using words we know, to common sentence structures, to proper rules. We end up with work which looks, sounds, flows like every other piece. In time, while others will recognize the work, connecting it to you, you end up like performers pigeon-holed by former roles.

They become known for one thing.

If your intention is to write, either for your living or for the love of it, you need to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Restricting the use of some words or requiring you to forgo one letter in your content is one tool to hone your skill.

Now, test yourself

Once you do, respond below with your results. Show off your new found skill, see if others followed your thought process, instructions, or get your point of view.

Not sure where to begin? Write something. Then edit it to remove words using the letter you decided to omit. It could require switching one word or rewriting complete sentences. 

Show me your best writing.

4 replies
  1. Aadarsh Roy
    Aadarsh Roy says:

    Hey Robert Nissenbaum ,

    Great post with great tool to improve the writing. I truly like your post and especially the tool and tip
    that you have suggested. I really like an idea of writing one piece of short content without using one specific letter.Using this trick will be helpful and will definitely improve the writing skills.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

  2. Tamara
    Tamara says:

    Love this! I have noticed people tend to use the same words and language patterns, consistently. I am guilty, however, I have been working on it, a lot. ☺️


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