I teach people how to paddle…

…not perform a set of skills.

I work with all skill levels from absolute beginner to intermediate/advanced, finding great satisfaction seeing students build their skills and confidence in themselves.

My coaching style is designed for students to work at their pace with instruction tailored to their learning style through classroom and on-water based content. This means more private classes (both individual and group) than scheduled courses.

This tailored approach provides greater flexibility in scheduling class times and locations to fit student needs) and it results in more personalized content. The class and location are designed to meet your needs. The result is faster skills progression and increased confidence.

Oppdage Laering – ‘discover learning’

While there are some wrong (or unsafe) methods of performing some skills, there aren’t any ‘right’ ways. In many cases, students have personal limitations which affect how strokes or rescues can be performed. Teaching based on modeling a skill in a set way can negatively impact learning. (Not to mention that everyone seems to have different opinions on what is the ‘proper’ technique.)

My approach to sea kayak instruction is to teach techniques based on what works best (safe and efficient) for most people, most often, and in the most number of conditions/sea states, AND the concepts behind the techniques. 

This provides my students a framework to use, empowering them to experiment and adapt skills to fit them. It provides students a framework to problem solve.

As students progress and paddle in bigger sea states, this concept-based discover learning approach allows them to adapt and find solutions when conditions don’t allow skills to be performed as they have been taught.