Greenland Paddling Instruction

You do not need your own stick! Paddles from Gearlab Outdoors are available to use during classes.

Paddle & a Pro

Classes offered are discounted when combined with the purchase of a Gearlab Outdoors paddle.

Get a quality paddle paired with professional instruction to get the most out of your Greenland paddling journey.

Intro to Greenland Paddling

For the modern sea kayaker, the ‘stick’ provides power and efficiency combined with less strain and improved maneuverability and recovery options.  We’ll cover:

  • Advantages (and myths) of using a Greenland paddle over a Euro blade.
  • Choosing the right Greenland paddle
  • Strokes and bracing techniques.

This class is a mix of theory and content taught in a classroom setting followed by time of the water for instruction, practice, and personal feedback.

The Forward (& Reverse) Stroke

This module is designed to focus on the forward – and reverse strokes.

We’ll cover the significant differences between traditional Greenland stroke and what we are taught with a Euro blade. You’ll learn how a stick generates power.

By the end of this module, you will be on your way to a more efficient and powerful forward stroke. You’ll do less work, be able to cover more ground, and be less tired/sore after a paddle.

Essential Strokes

This module is designed around the basic paddling strokes. It’s perfect for beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

  • Forward & Reverse strokes
  • Sweep strokes for turning
  • Draw stroke – static and sculling
  • Sculling for support
  • Bracing strokes – low and high brace

These are the same strokes we do with a Euro blade, but when using a stick, there are some differences to how we perform the strokes.

I’ll introduce the concept of ‘blending strokes’ for increased efficiency.

Intermediate Strokes (Kayak Maneuvering)

We’ll build on your boat control with more advanced strokes including:

  • Draw on the move & the side slip or hanging draw
  • Bow & cross bow rudders
  • Stern rudder
  • Stern draw and pry
  • Low & high brace turns
  • ‘Blended’ strokes

Greenland Rolling

Coming Soon

Module pricing

  • Greenland Paddling Modules (2 hours, except Intro to Greenland Paddling):
    • $245 for private instruction
    • $175 per person for groups of 2-5 students

Classes locations vary and can be arranged for no extra cost in your area*

– Discounts available for clubs and organizations.
– Larger groups can be accommodated by request for some modules.

*Some restrictions

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