Sea Dragon Kayak Adventure

Good instruction instills confidence. Confidence creates comfort. Comfort leads to competence.

Foundational modules are the perfect way to learn and build skills!

  • Capsize Recovery & Rescues
  • Basic & Intermediate Strokes
  • Intro to Greenland Paddling
  • Intro to Tidal Currents
  • And more!

In-person classroom-based modules are perfect for clubs and organizations.

  • Gear and outfitting
  • Packing a Sea Kayak
  • Understanding Sea States
  • Practical Sea Kayak Navigation
  • And more!


Core and fundamental content offered online – for those who prefer to learn from home.

  • VHF Radio & PLBs
  • Understanding Sea States
  • Gear and outfitting
  • On-Water Communication
  • And more!

“Robert is an enthusiastic and kind teacher who is uniquely effective at helping paddlers discover and develop foundational paddling and safety skills. His kayaking knowledge is encyclopedic, his teaching style is patient and supportive, and his good humor is a delight.” 

A Modular-based approach

I use a modular-based system (classroom-based, on the water, and specialized courses) which allows students to focus on a specific area of paddling instruction. They provide excellent building blocks for advancing your skills as well as allowing you to step back and repeat modules to practice and improve a skill set at any time.

With each module covering a specific aspect of paddling instruction, multiple modules can be combined to create a customized curriculum tailored to your individual (or small group) experience level, needs, and goals. 

  • Modules are designed for up to 4 students, as smaller groups provide greater learning opportunities and more personalized coaching in a safe environment. Smaller groups allow modules to be further customized. Exceptions may be made for up to 6 students on a case per case basis.
  • Each module runs approximately 3 hours. The actual instruction time for each will vary based on group size, breaks taken (scheduled and as needed), and student progress.

Please note, ANY of these modules can be combined into a full curriculum or modified to include parts of each module for a customized learning experience. If you have something specific in mind, please reach out to me.

I’d like to thank you, Robert, for a wonderful class yesterday on Benson Lake. The small group format made for personalized instruction and allowed us to view up close various scenarios. I appreciated your positive attitude and compassionate instruction.

Module scheduling

Rather than working off a set calendar, modules are scheduled when the student (or group) signs up. This includes the date, time, and class location.


Customized scheduling offers great flexibility – learn at your pace on your schedule.

On occasion, pre-set dates and locations will be made available to supplement your learning or for those looking to work on a specific skill.

Each instructional module is available year round.