Coaching and Instruction

Classes are designed around 6 core categories:

Intro to Sea Kayaking & Beginner Skills

These classes are designed for the new paddler and is part classroom and part on-water.

We’ll cover the basics of gear and outfitting (what you need to get started to keep things affordable), safety, our paddling environment, basic strokes, and core rescues.

  • Private (1:1) – $175
  • Group (1:5) – $125

Greenland & Traditional Skills

From intro classes designed to get you started to advanced strokes and rolling, these classes will develop your ability to use a Greenland paddle with both efficiency and power.

Paddles are available to use and demo during classes.

  • Private (1:1) – $245
  • Group (1:5) – $175/person

Foundational & Core Sea Kayaking Skills

The next step in your progression is developing the core skills.

These 2 hour classes focus on one or two skills with detailed coaching to ensure you get the most out of each class. This is about refinement of technique more than a “this is how you do it” approach.

  • Private (1:1) – $245
  • Group (1:5) – $175/person

Dynamic Water & Advanced Skills

Take those foundational skills into dynamic water – wind, waves, current, and surf.

From paddling into and turning in wind to crossing strong currents, to gaining control on waves and the surf zone – these courses will take you to the next level with confidence.

  • Private (1:1) – $295
  • Group (1:5) – $245/person

Looking to be a trip leader, a guide, or a more prepared paddler?

These classes are designed to improve your “soft” skills – understanding your environment, your ability to navigate through it, to prevent incidents and manage them if they occur.

  • Private (1:1) – Ask
  • Group (1:5) – Ask

Courses vary in length and content, including a mix of classroom and on-water classes tailored to each paddler/group.

Ready to put your skills to the test?

These ACA assessments and instructor certifications are a great way to verify your skills progression and build additional skills to allow you to know you are ready to lead and teach others – even if that is only through your local clubs.

  • L2 skills – $150
  • L3 skills – $200
  • L2 Trip Leader/Guide – Ask
  • L3 Trip Leader -Ask
  • L2 Instructor IDW/ICW – Ask

A Sampling of Classes Offered:

  • Intro to Greenland Paddling
  • The Forward Stroke
  • The Essential Strokes
  • Kayak Maneuvering
  • Foundations of Greenland Rolling
  • Lay back, storm roll, balance brace

Strokes & Maneuvering

  • The Forward Stroke
  • The Essential Strokes
  • Rudders, Draws, and Prys
  • Kayak Maneuvering

Rescues & Recoveries

  • Essential Rescues
  • Advanced Rescues
  • Balance, Bracing, & Edging
  • Towing
  • Rolling
  • Rescue Rodeos^

Dynamic Water & Currents

  • Intro to Tidal Currents
  • Advanced Tidal Currents
  • Wind & Waves
  • Dynamic Water Rescues
  • Intro to Surf

Guide & Leadership

  • Gear and outfitting
  • Understanding Sea States
  • Practical Navigation
  • Communication
  • Trip Planning (Day & Overnight)
  • Risk Management & Incident Response

ACA Assessments

  • L2 Skills Assessment
  • L3 Skills Assessment
  • L2 Trip Leader Assessment
  • L3 Trip Leader Assessment
  • L2 Instructor IDW/ICW