Specialized (ACA) Modules

ACA Essentials of Kayak Touring (L2) Skills Clinics

Looking to learn or brush up on your skills?

Through our series of 2 hour Thursday evening group sessions, we’ll cover the full range of the ACA L2 Essentials of Kayak Touring skills:

  • Forward and reverse strokes
  • Sweeps and low brace turns
  • Recoveries
  • Rescues
  • Balance and bracing
  • Draw and stern rudders
  • Open practices

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Thank you for the fantastic class, guidance and patience. Your passion and care that your students learn safety properly shows. I learned a ton.

ACA Essentials of Kayak Touring (L2) Skills Development

For those looking to take their sea kayaking to the next level, whether you are just starting out or getting serious about honing your skills, we’ll cover the full range of skills required to pass the ACA L2 Essentials of Kayak Touring assessment.

The course will consist of

  • 6 on-water teaching skills sessions
  • 2 on-water practice sessions
  • 1 classroom-based sessions
  • Your assessment

Each session will run between 2 & 3 hours based on course material.

As a level of proficiency must be demonstrated during the assessment,  you will be expected to practice what you have learned outside the course. Additional coaching sessions may be added for an additional cost or you may join in our regular skills clinics.

ACA L2 EKT Skills Assessment criteria

Assessments require an ACA membership.

ACA Essentials of Kayak Touring (L2) Skills Assessment

Assessment courses are a great way to measure your current skills and gain exposure to new information.

They are offered for:

  • For those looking to advance to the instructor level – they are required as a prerequisite.
  • Individuals working in or planning to work with an outfitter or camp (proof of skills and training)
  • Any who wants to measure their skills against a standard benchmark
  • Organizations looking to provided an added value for employees and participants

There will be an opportunity prior to the assessment to practice and fine tune skills, but assessments are not training sessions.

ACA L2 EKT Skills Assessment criteria

For those unsure of their skills or looking for more training in preparation for an assessment, consider our skills development course or attending a regularly scheduled skills clinic

Assessments require an ACA membership.

Pool Sessions

Avoid the cold water!

These small group sessions are perfect for practicing rescues, recoveries, and rolling during the winter.  Students can work independently with assistance as needed or choose full instruction.

The length of each pool session and the number of participants will vary based on the pool location and student needs. Sessions will include no more than 5 students for instruction.

Private pool sessions can be scheduled.

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Module scheduling

Rather than working off a set calendar, modules are scheduled when the student (or group) signs up. This includes the date, time, and class location.* 


Customized scheduling offers great flexibility – learn at your pace on your schedule.


Each instructional module is available year round. 

*Except ACA skills clinics

Module pricing

  • Introduction to Dynamic Water and Tidal Currents:
    • $350 per module (1:1)
    • $225 per additional student up to a 1:3 ratio
  • Pool sessions:
    • Vary
  • Skills Clinics:
    • $75 per session
  • ACA Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Skills Development
    • $1500
    • $120 per additional session
  • ACA Level 2: Essentials of Kayak Touring Skills Assessment:
    • $125 per person
    • Additional fees based on venue location may apply

Policies and disclaimers:

  • On-water kayak instruction modules require a signed waiver, full immersion gear with appropriate thermal protection (wetsuit or drysuit with appropriate base layers), and an approved PFD. SUP/paddle board modules require a leash. Gloves, neoprene booties or appropriate water shoes, and a neoprene skull cap are recommended. No cotton may be worn for any on-water instruction module. Helmets and/or additional safety gear may be required for some modules.
  • No gear is provided. My gear and outfitting class is recommended for beginners prior to taking on-water modules.
  • Modules (with some exceptions) are open to sit in recreational kayaks and sea kayaks (including skin-on-frame kayaks) with a minimum of front and rear bulkheads or approved flotation and SOT kayaks.
  • For pool sessions, wetsuits or rash guards are recommended. (Drysuits are not recommended for pool use as they can be damaged by cholorine.)
  • All modules require a signed waiver prior to participation.
  • Minors 14+ may participate in select modules with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Refunds are provided in full if the student cancels prior to 72 hours before module start time, or I cancel the module. Student cancellations within 72 hours of module start time are refunded at 75% unless the module is rescheduled.
    • Skills clinics are non-refundable. Unattended clinics canceled prior to 24 hours before start time will be credited toward future clinics or modules.

COVID 19 Safety Protocols:

  • All modules require proof of vaccination. (Exceptions MAY be made on a per case basis).
  • Please bring a mask that can be quickly worn when necessary.
  • On land we will be wearing masks and maintaining 6’ when possible
  • If you show any signs or symptoms please cancel immediately.