Sea Kayak Outfitting

Custom Masik, Hip Pads, Thigh Blocks, and Thigh Hooks

Instructors often talk about having a connection with your kayak, but the fact is most kayaks are designed to fit a range of paddler sizes and that means a less than perfect fit.

While some rotomold sea kayaks have some degree of outfitting, composite sea kayaks typically do not. While that may work for touring, it’s not ideal for rough water play, rolling, and surfing.

If you paddle a composite sea kayak, adding Minicell closed cell foam hip pads, thigh blocks, and thigh hooks (or Masik for Greenland style kayaks and paddling) custom fit to you will provides a snug fit – connection without being locked in – for comfort and more control.

The Process

Each outfitting is customized to the paddler. This means we need to meet to get you fitted to determine where the foam will be added and its size and shape. The next step is to shape pre-cut blocks to fit and test fitting them with you in the kayak before permanently installing the foam.

The fitting process takes 2-3 hours and the installation requires the adhesive to cure overnight.

The Price

Thigh blocks and hooks – $195*

Complete outfitting with all materials are included
*Hip pads, additional & custom outfitting is available – ask about pricing