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The Petrel Play

Equally at home in flat water exploration and dynamic open water environments, the Petrel Play is lightweight, ultra responsive and the perfect platform for paddlers seeking to “up their game” and not grow out of it.

The Petrel Sport

The Petrel Sport fits nicely between the Petrel Play and Petrel with all of the performance attributes and rough water prowess as both of its sisters attributes while adding a bit of knee and hip room. (Expected for 2025)

The Petrel

Light, responsive and refined, the Petrel is the ultimate performance touring kayak, taking the responsiveness of the Petrel Play and putting it in traditional longer and slimmer “sea kayak” dimensions

The Layups

Our layups are different from the industry standard.

Most other manufacturers lay the fabrics in the molds with the fibers running the length and width of the kayak. This is called 0/90 weave orientation. This style of layup is strongest and stiffest in the direction of the fibers, meaning along the length and width of the kayak. We go a step farther by utilizing a Quasi-Isotropic fabric orientation. The weave orientation is 0/90 AND +/- 45.

  • This provides strength in all directions and unmatched impact resistance.
  • The outer and inner layers are in the 0/90 deg orientation.
  • Innegra is used under the outer layer and provides the ultimate in impact strength.
  • The mid layer(s) are stitched biaxial at a +/- 45 deg orientation.
  • The stitched fabric is actually one layer of unidirectional stitched to a second layer of unidirectional.
  • The layers are not woven and thus the fibers are straight, with no crimps.

Along with the pressure of 2000 lbs per sq/ft of a vacuum bag and the precision of resin infusion, these layups are a no-compromise approach no matter which one you choose. 

Soric LRC core

We use  in the mid sections of the kayak to provide enhanced stiffness in the center of the kayak hull.

Core can be heavy, so we only use it where it is most effective and enhances performance. This keeps the mass of the kayak at the paddler giving it incredible responsiveness. Less swing weight means less input is needed by the paddler.



The lightest possible layup using premium carbon fiber and Innegra oriented in a multi axis system for maximum durability and low weight. Innegra is used throughout the hull and deck to enhance the rigidity that carbon provides.

Infused using Epoxy, which is the perfect match for Carbon Fiber due to its high bond strength and superior tensile strength.

Don’t let the light weight fool you. This layup will endure almost anything you throw at it. We believe that you should not have to compromise your paddling style because you are paddling carbon.

We don’t compromise, so you don’t have to.

Ultra Performance

The durability of an Expedition Layup with the weight near an all carbon construction.

This is for the more demanding paddler: A lightweight layup that you don’t have to worry about interactions with rocks.

This layup features Basalt/Innegra and fiberglass. The outer and inner skins are Basalt/Innegra with E-Glass biaxial between them which is an industry exclusive for a sea kayak.  This combination of materials has been used in the composite canoe market  as a replacement for Royalex which was widely considered the most impact resistant material possible. We have been testing it in some very demanding conditions and it has exceeded expectations in terms of durability and performance. A lightweight layup that you don’t have to worry about interactions with rocks.

Resin infusion with vinylester resin keeps the resin to fiber ratio at an optimal 40%. This layup is the toughest and best value when it comes to durability and lightweight.

Fiberglass Infusion

This is our standard layup featuring a 5 layer combination of E-Glass and Innegra placed in a multi axis orientation for ultimate durability at a lower price point. It is infused using the Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Method (VARTM) using vinylester resin.

Where Passion and Craftsmanship Converge

Turning Point Boatworks started in 2015 as a creative outlet for founder Joey Schott. It has become an endeavor devoted to creativity and building sea kayaks for extraordinary people. Each boat crafted is as unique as the owner. Great care is taken to bring the owner’s vision to life.

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