Seeing the Scratches

Seeing the scratches
My mind wandered
Thoughts of adventures had
To where you have been,
To what you have seen.

Seeing the scratches, I know
This kayak has been paddled,
To learn in, to explore in,
To play in.

Seeing the scratches, I know
This kayak has been enjoyed,
That it has been well loved.

Seeing the scratches, I know
There’s a story to tell

My wife took this picture of the Whisky 16 in our yard early this morning. Her thoughts echo mine when I see it.

There is something beautiful about a shiny new kayak (and one is on the way), but that beauty pales in comparison to what I see and feel when I look at a scratched up hull. The real beauty lies in the stories that earned those scratches.

The scratched hull of a blue Whisky 16 sea kayak

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