Sitting on the deck

Sitting on the deck
A cup of coffee in my hand
The fog enveloping me,
The warm mist on my face,
The sound of the seagulls overhead,
I stare at the ripples
Barely visible on the water’s surface.
In the serenity my mind wanders.
Within a world of possibilities,
A chance to create what I want.

Sitting on the deck
A cup of coffee in my hand
A cool breeze wraps around me,
The chill in the air on the back of my neck,
The sound of leaves rustling behind me,
I look out over the water
Mesmerized by the movement of the waves.
In the moment, I ponder.
Within a world of possibilities,
How do I create what I want?

Sitting on the deck
A cup of coffee in my hand
The sun on my face,
Its warmth against my skin,
The sound of waves beneath me,
Eyes drawn to the horizon,
Awed by the beauty of what lays before me.
In the tranquility, I reflect.
Within a world of possibilities,
I created what I want.

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Bowman Bay, WA at sunrise looking toward Deception Island past flat water2021, Robert Nissenbaum
The scratched hull of a blue Whisky 16 sea kayak2021, Robert Nissenbaum
2021, Robert Nissenbaum
Picture of the Snoqualmie River taken from Middle Fork Road,2021, Robert Nissenbaum
A pair of sea kayaks on the beach on a foggy misty morning in the north Puget SoundCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2020;
kayakers in the dark on a Biolume paddle Sept 2020 off Fox IslandCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2020;
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    • Robert Nissenbaum
      Robert Nissenbaum says:

      Thank you John! Glad to know my writing has had an impact. Feel free to share anything you have written. Life – no complaints!


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