“Thanks so much for class yesterday!  So many little details clicked for me, from understanding the hows and whys of the support the paddle delivers (like from your lecture, especially about the differences between the euro blade and Greenland…) and then getting to feel it on the water.  Just perfect!

Kathy A
Olympic Peninsula Paddlers Intro Greenland Paddling, 3-18-2023

Yesterday was fantastic. Besides being thrilled about being on the water – the class was amazing. The “save your shoulder” explanation on a rescue was incredible.

“Robert is an enthusiastic and kind teacher who is uniquely effective at helping paddlers discover and develop foundational paddling and safety skills. His kayaking knowledge is encyclopedic, his teaching style is patient and supportive, and his good humor is a delight. Those who know him at all know that I’m not exaggerating.

Graton G
Private session, 6-12-2022

I learned a great deal in a short period of time with one of Robert’s pool sessions. He has boosted my ability and my confidence. From a safety standpoint, I would highly recommend his classes.

“Thank you for the fantastic class, guidance and patience. Your passion and care that your students learn safety properly shows. I learned a ton.

Cassandra E-G
Small group pool session, 3-13-2022

The class was exactly what I needed. Worth it just to find out that my arms shouldn’t hurt after paddling! Robert was able to expertly teach two of us at once, adapting to our different learning styles and needs.

“If you haven’t taken a rescue class, I can’t express to you enough how empowering taking a rescue class is. Robert is truly an amazing instructor and I highly recommend him!!

Let me add, this is NOT easy. We were raising our arms in victory because we all successfully did a heel hook (which I adamantly said I couldn’t do). We are all SO appreciative of Robert’s coaching and support”

Dnitra A
Private group recovery class, 6-25-2021

I really appreciate your teaching style and you gave me lots to work on without making it feel overwhelming. I am even more excited about kayaking than when I first got my boat!