The Petrel

The Petrel is the ultimate performance touring kayak:

The responsiveness of the Petrel Play in traditional “sea kayak” dimensions, it is light, responsive, and refined.

The Petrel was designed for open and dynamic water rewarding the intermediate and experienced paddler with handling characteristics and responsiveness that are unmatched in the touring market.

Originally designed as a wood strip kayak, it has been demoed by thousands of paddlers over the years. The reactions have been overwhelmingly “Wow” by those lucky enough to get some seat time.

In composite form, the Petrel will feature the same construction design and layups as the Petrel Play.

Every aspect of the design, from hatch to compass placement, was considered in order to keep the weight centralized. Centralizing the mass of the kayak reduces the swing weight, further increasing responsiveness to paddler input. 

It has classic up-swept lines with a low back deck for the Greenland Rolling enthusiast.

Below the waterline

The Petrel features a transitional chine with shallow V at the midsections. The bow and stern carry some volume with a soft chine entry. The chine then transitions to a hard chine mid-section and back to a soft chine at the stern.

It excels in rough water and surfs easily due to the hard chine mid section. On flat water, it intuitively  responds to the paddlers input. only requiring a light touch.

Coming Soon!

Turning Point Boatworks is nearing the end of development on this kayak and are expecting good things from its release.

I expect to have a demo in my fleet in mid 2023.