The Petrel Play

The Petrel Play is lightweight, ultra responsive, and the perfect platform for paddlers seeking to “up their game” and not grow out of it.

The beginner or intermediate paddler will appreciate the responsiveness and stability as it encourages, rather than inhibiting, the paddler while learning new skills. The advanced paddler can exploit the light weight and responsiveness in challenging conditions. 

Equally at home in remote flat water exploration as it is in the dynamic open water environment, it has been called “the quiver killer” by one of our clients. Simply put, his other kayaks do not see much time on the water anymore. Day tripping, or short weekend outings are right in its wheelhouse.

Don’t let its length fool you

With a waterline length that is longer than most 16’ kayaks, you won’t be giving up anything in terms of speed.

In July 2022 I headed out on a 21 nautical mile trip crossing the Rosario Strait to Lopez Island, then through Cattle Pass to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. The Petrel Play (paddling with a Greenland stick) had no issues in keeping up with, or surpassing, the speed of the longer expedition kayaks.

I too was impressed how well Robert Nissenbaum did with such a small boat. I was one of the three NDK Explorers on the trip and he kept up or was faster than all of us. ~ Steve Phelps

Rough water performance

As good as it is on flat water, it is in the waves where the Petrel Play shines. The transitional-chined hull gives unmatched performance in dynamic water. The nearly plumb bow transitions quickly from a refined entry to a full profile to provide lift at speed. The chines transfer from rounded profile forward to a hard chine in the cockpit area and then back to a rounded profile aft.

The mid section of the hull is stiffened with Soric LRC core to provide a quick take off on a wave top and the chines provide control at surfing speed. The “mass” of the kayak is centralized for low swing weight and unmatched control in the surf or tide races.

Quite simply, it puts the fun in rough water play. 

Flat water elegance

Responsive is an understatement. 

The transitional hull is brilliant. Even with no hull speed, the Petrel Play will edge and spin at your hips with complete confidence, even for a less experienced paddler. At speed, it will spin 180° with a bow/cross bow rudder or low (high) brace turn.Click To Tweet

The Petrel Play is so precise a tool that in the hands of a skilled sea kayaker, it can be spun around a piling or weaved through a maze of them with a handful of blended strokes.   

Tailored to fit

The weight range is broad, fitting a large portion of the paddling community. At the upper end of the weight range it will come down to fit. The cockpit is completely customizable for proper fit by using foam hip and back supports. It can be tailored for the paddlers individual body type.