When allowed to break

A simple key
Able to close off minds
To shackle possibilities,
bind a heart.

A powerful tool.
Able to destroy bonds
To create tension
Cost us happiness

A strong cornerstone
Able to crumble connections
To ruin lives
End what matters.

When we practice it

A simple key
Able to open minds
To unlock possibilities,
Free the heart

A powerful tool.
Able to strengthen bonds
To resolve conflict,
Bring us peace.

A strong cornerstone
Able to grow a relationship
To create futures,
Secure one’s love.

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Waves: Robert Nissenbaum - sea kayaker, adventure seeker, writer
The view north off Salmon Beach. My happy place - and much of the inspiration or my poetryCopyright: Robert Nissenbaum, 2019; rnissenbaum.com

The piece was originally titled, having been written around a particular concept. After finishing it, I decided to leave the piece open to interpretation.

I would love your thoughts and curious how many will come up with the concept (a single word) in my head when writing.

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