What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath

Lost to the sea floor

Forgotten as time passes

Revealed as the tide recedes

Giving up its secrets?

What lies beneath 

Hidden on the forest floor 

Under the debris and leaf litter 

Revealed when new paths are cut

Exposing what could be?

What lies beneath

Old wooden floor boards

Under years of dust

Revealed when curiosity 

Drives one to explore?

What lies beneath

Our public persona and

The face we present to others

Revealed as darkness sets in

Leaving us alone with our thoughts?

What lies beneath

Our fears and insecurities

Created by our past

Revealed when faced with new events

And we opt to be brave?

What lies beneath 

The hurt we feel

Buried below layers of pain

Revealed when we choose to accept

The hand we’ve been dealt?

What lies beneath

Our superficial behavior

Behind the walls we create

Revealed when we start to open up

Allowing ourselves to trust and love?

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